Love Sees® Gift Book

Love Sees


Love Sees® Gift Book is a book about destiny and purpose and the power of love. Read about how to love yourself, how to receive love from around you, and how to give love to each person you encounter. Wherever or whenever you feel hopeless or powerless in life, if you choose love, you take back power. You will be inspired to choose love each day and as you do, your world will transform. 

"As I read just a few pages, I noticed an awareness within myself. Like your book truly was a person comforting me. It's nice to have a book that acts more than just 'a good read', but clearly conveys the powerful emotion that is love, and how everyone and anyone can find/deserves it. Whether it be found in a book or in others." -Kathleen, age 16

10% of Love Sees® proceeds donated to teen suicide prevention and awareness.  



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