“Thank you beyond words. Your messages are truly special! Funny as I got home and opened it my friend was over who is a K teacher and she said, 'oh did 'Annie' get that for you?' And I told her how I got it and she said, oh Annie got me one for an end of the year gift that says 'love teaches '. What an awesome thought for a teacher! Just thought it was so cool. I really do love it. I only wear 'special' jewelry. I have a 'worthy' Giving key I wear. My wedding bands, my mom’s rings in my other hand and another special necklace from my husband.  And now your bracelet” – Diane R., Norwalk, CT


Nancy read to me the words that are inside the box of each special piece, “Wear this knowing love sees your destiny and purpose and that you have power to give love.” I had goose bumps. Her collection and meaning behind the line is so incredibly inspiring and I just knew our customers were going to love it! And so they did, Nancy was not even done setting up the trunk show table and customers were going over to her and buying the pieces right out of the boxes she carried them in with! By the end of the day she had sold dozens!”-Erica Hall, Accessories Buyer, Darien Sport Shop, Darien, CT 


I chose Love Sees for gifts for nieces this year for Christmas…. their reaction was beautiful. Each one was different and fit the person to a t.I bought them from a store on Nantucket called Stephanie’s. They were displayed beautifully. Friends have asked them where they came from and who gave it to them. I am so glad I could give them something so beautiful and with such meaning. Love Sees is simply special. The fact that it gives to a wonderful organization adds to this gift. Thank you for touching our family with love.”    –Tammy K., Nantucket, MA


“I just want to thank you for your generous gift!  I have seen three other people in town with the necklace and we feel a common bond.  Maren was such an amazing soul, thank you so so much for generously donating some of the proceeds, speaks volumes of your character!  Will be shopping on your site again!"   Kristen L., Milford, CT


  “I have yet to give a bracelet and not tell the story of what makes Nancy and her jewelry sincere, unique.  The jewelry is the small tool for building a big concept”     –Kristin H., Darien, CT


"I would love the love protects bracelet and then I’m going to purchase the love saves bracelet for my daughter so she can look at it and remember when she has a hard time.” -Kris D., Nantucket, MA



“THANK YOU so much!!! I love the fact you are giving back and making these pieces in our country.. .FYI I haven't taken my bracelet off :) it reminds me of my husband and the laughter we share no matter how bad my day goes.  And the girls loved their graduation gifts as well!!.” –Nancy Ann M., Stratford, CT


“Thank you for creating your jewelry with such beauty and simplicity. I also appreciate your proceeds going to teen suicide prevention. I work in the mental health field, so I am deeply grateful for your compassionate and giving spirit. Wishing you an abundance of peace, love, joy and blessings.” – Helen G., Clearwater, FL

 "I first heard about Love Sees Jewelry from a close friend who is family friends with the owner. I really liked the concept behind the jewelry, which is that love sees beyond faults and circumstances and has the power to break down someone's walls and truly connect with them. When I was asked to take photos of the jewelry, I was really excited. The pieces themselves are very beautiful and simple; each necklace or bracelet is made of sterling silver, and has just the phrase and a logo. I also really like the variety of phrases, because the whole thing becomes more personalized. For example, for Christmas I bought my mom a bracelet with "Love Laughs" because she is always happy and laughing. Almost immediately after posting some of the Love Sees Jewelry photos on my Facebook, a ton of my friends reached out to me either to say that they loved the jewelry or that they wanted to buy it! So far I've had a ton of people come up to me and ask me how they can get their hands on the jewelry, whether it be for a gift or for themselves. Every person appreciates not only the jewelry's beauty but its message as well. I find the response I've seen very exciting, and I know big things will continue to happen for Love Sees Jewelry!” -Kyra G., Student and Photographer, Darien, CT


I cannot wait to start wearing these knowing the lesson they teach and where a portion of the proceeds go -- Please keep up the energy and commitment.”    -Andrea R., Hamden, CT


“My daughter absolutely loved the necklace! Thanks again for doing what you do!!” -Heather A. Milford, CT


“I just received your package and I want to thank you very much for the replacement and the bracelet. My niece suffers from anorexia and it is perfect for me to give to her.  I will always order from your company, a company that strives to satisfy their customers at any cost.” –Linda, Milford, CT



Lauren V. is a Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor. Last December, she was given a Love Sees "Love Protects" bracelet by a friend and has not taken it off since. She believes that it is love that protected her that day.

Lauren wore her "Love Protects" bracelet for Dear World photo shoot and chose to write "Love Protects" on her arms.

I had surgery on June 10. The bee-bee went through my right ear drum and I haven't been able to hear out of it. They took a skin graft from some tissue from behind my ear and replaced the ear drum. I still can't hear anything, but I'm lucky there's no nerve damage and it's healing. I'm supposed to get back 95% of my hearing.

It was the best scenario I could have gotten... of all the things that could have happened. I was standing just five feet away from the bomb. It could have been much worse. The fireball flew right by my face. Only a little bit of my hair was burned.

I was sprayed by almost 100 bee-bees, but only six of them scarred. I didn't get hit by any nails. I was hit in the eye by a bee-bee and nothing happened. My eye doctor said with every case of bee-bee shot injuries he's had, all have either completely lost their eyesight or eye ball. He got emotional and said 'this is a miracle'

It was a miracle. I still can't believe how this happened. I can't believe I pushed my boyfriend's stretcher into the ER. How does that happen?


THE NURSES OF IVOP, Norwalk Hospital, Norwalk, CT

The nurses of IVOP, Norwalk Hospital, Jill, Marsha, and Kerry all wearing Love Sees necklaces: "Love Listens", "Love Hopes", and "Love Saves". Lori W, who wears a "Love Frees"necklace because she plans to be free of cancer,  gave them as gifts on her last day of Chemo. These women have an incredible impact on other's lives. I am so honored that they are wearing Love Sees necklaces. Lori W. told me they LOVE them!



Maddy's Nana and Best Friend Diagnosed with ALS Wears "Love Heals" Necklace

 "When I gave my Nana a 'Love Heals' necklace for a Christmas, I intended it to symbolize her helping me during a major depressive episode I went through. However, earlier that month my family and I had noticed she was slurring words and would get tired after speaking. A few months later the tests came back, she had ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. It attacks the nerves that control voluntary muscles, eventually she will lose all control of every voluntary function such as walking, chewing, and breathing. However, it doesn't affect the person’s intelligence which essentially means the person is aware as they suffocate in their own body. It's very rare in women and only about 20,000 people in the U.S. have a definite diagnosis. The really terrifying thing about ALS is how fast everything goes. My Nana used to wake up early every morning and walk to the gym and ate well, we would joke about her outliving all of us. Now she can only communicate through writing and can no longer swallow food, causing her to lose over 10 pounds in the last month. Even with all of that, the doctors say she is doing remarkably well. My grandmother is the strongest woman I know and my best friend. She took care of me whenever I went through hard times, and now I'm determined to be by her side in her fight against ALS. She hasn't taken off the 'Love Heals' necklace since I gave it to her in December. Now, it has taken on a whole new meaning, love is the only force that makes this journey easier." -Maddy O., Wilton, CT