About Love Sees®


 Nancy Diehl, Creator and Owner of Love Sees®

Nancy resides in Wilton Connecticut with her two teenage daughters. She is a graduate of Wilton High School and Skidmore College where she received a B.S. in Business Administration. After graduating from Skidmore College, she worked for 11 years in various aspects of Marketing. In 1992, she moved to Nantucket Island in Massachusetts where she ran a Bed and Breakfast, married, and eventually started a family. During her 17 years in Nantucket, she became close to those in the community and reached out to many offering them love and hope. Very often she would see people who looked burdened and she would be compelled to go buy them a piece of jewelry and write them a note. She has countless stories of the changes that people claim happened after they received her gift of love.  Nancy learned during her life in Nantucket that the action of love is the most powerful force in the universe. Those who are looking for something more and looking for their purpose need to know that we are here only to love.

Since 2009, Nancy has experienced divorce, breast cancer, and bankruptcy. During those hardships, she chose to practice love which kept her in a place of hope, peace, and joy.  In February of 2012, while driving alone in her car, Nancy came up with her idea to send a message through jewelry of how love is more than a feeling, it is an action. Her mission is to change how society views love, to comfort and heal those who are hurting, and to empower people in the fight against teen suicide. 10% of Love Sees ® proceeds are donated to Live to Love to Live®, a Unique 12 Step Program for Recovery from Depression and Anxiety, www.livetolovetolive.org.  Nancy chose Love Sees as the name of the company because through experience she knew that love sees beyond circumstances and faults and sees destiny and purpose in a person.  This would later be the quote written inside each box, “Wear this knowing that Love Sees your destiny and purpose and that you have the power to give Love”.

Love Sees® Sterling Silver Bracelets and Necklaces were introduced in 10 different Love Phrases in November of 2013. Since then, Nancy has added Love Sees Sterling Silver Logo Earrings, "Love Dances" and "Love Sings" Necklaces, Sterling Silver Plated Coins in 7 different Love Phrases, and the unique, powerful, and uplifting Love Sees® Gift Book.  New in Fall of 2015, Sterling Silver Dangle Rings and Gold Vermeil Necklaces in all 10 phrases!

Nancy is also the Founder of Live to Love to Live®, a Unique 12 Step Program for Recovery from Depression and Anxiety, visit www.livetolovetolive.org. for more information.

Nancy is an Inspirational and Motivational Speaker available to speak at schools, conferences, Corporations, and Groups. Contact her at info@lovesees.com








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