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Nancy Diehl

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Simply post below which "love phrase" you like best and what it means to you and you will automatically be entered to win a FREE Love Sees Necklace or Bracelet of your choice! Choose from "Love Accepts", "Love Creates", "Love Frees", "Love Heals", "Love Hopes", "Love Laughs", "Love Listens", "Love Protects", "Love Saves", and "Love Teaches". Be creative! Each Month, a new winner will be selected!!


  • I have the Love Heals necklace, a gift from my daughter. She saw the truck show in Bloomingdales & met Nancy. Once she heard the proceeds of her jewelry go to suicide prevention she knew she had to get me one. I work in a psychiatrist office as a TMS technician treating people for depression. I spend a lot of time talking to people, trying to give them hope & help them through a very dark time in their life. Unfortunately suicide has touched my life & love has helped heal. While every saying is true, Love Saves also speaks to me. I believe everyone deserves to be treated with love & kindness. And the reward for this is being told “I love you & you truly have saved my life.”
    Thank you Nancy. Your jewelry speaks to me & I will be sharing Love!!

    Sherri Capone

  • It was a Challenging Choice because I Love all of the Love Phraces and have been Blessed to give and receive Love in Each Area.
    Yet, I had to finally celebrate and congratulate “Love Heals”. Growing up Urban and Poor I witness firsthand the scars that can be placed Unpon a Individual’s Mind and Heart. And when those Beautiful Places are scared the Soul is too. Yet I have witness first hand the healing that comes from Love. Love truly does heal and is truly a balm for the soul.

    Now as a therapist and Healer I am proud to say God has Blessed me with the Healing Power of Love. I am able to help families, children, marriages, and souls recover from the horrible damage that can be done by the world. I’m able to see Love do what it does Best. Change Lives and Heal Souls and allow them to Love others back in return. Hurt People may hurt people but Love Truly Loves and Heals all.

    MAurice CObb

  • Love Hopes is the phrase I love ! so much meanng!


  • I was introduced to “Love Sees” by a friend at work. I decided to buy “love teaches” for my step daughter who has had some struggles. I wanted a token for her to help remember that all the lessons her Dad and I teach her are all out of love and knowing what is best for her and her future. We gave it to her for Easter and she loves it! ?

    Shannon Farkas

  • Although your line of Love Sees is beautiful in every aspect,for me the piece that spoke to me was Love Hopes.Believing in Hope has assisted me throughout my Life especially within the last 3+years since battling Lung Cancer! Thank You for creating such a beautiful and delicate line of jewelry with an amazing cause!❤️

    Wanda Cartagena

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